Fair Trade Jewellery and Handbags

The fact is that as an organization having a positive effect on otherwise disadvantaged peoples of the world works. Since its inception, the number and types of goods and products that are available certified as Fair Trade has grown steadily to the point where its no longer an obscure trade and business concept. To the contrary, Fair trade is now accepted mainstream.

Jewellery & Handbags – The List Is Huge!

One problem that many people have though is that so much of the media attention on has been on agricultural or food products. It just makes for more “tastier” stories in colorful green settings such as coffee and cocoa plantations as lush backdrops. The fact of the matter is however, that the list of gift items and fashion accessories that are now registered Fair Trade is huge!

Hand Made Gift Products From Peru and Kenya

For instance, now operates in Peru. A country all too well known for it silver production. So wouldn’t you know it, there is now a huge selection of fantastic silver Fair Trade Jewellery available, much of it in amazing indigenous design motifs. All hand made of course. Its the same in Kenya where Fair Trade Jewellery and handbags are produced incorporating authentic neolithic tribal methods and designs.

Silk and Woven Reed Products From Cambodia and Vietnamn

Cambodia and Vietnam are becoming all too well known for their intricately woven reed bags of exceptional quality and also for their exceedingly fine silk fabrics that are produced using natural organic dyes and methods that have been in use for centuries. The scarves with their traditional designs that are produced from these silk fabrics simply can’t be reproduced anywhere else on the planet.

Workers Escaping Sweat Shop Conditions In Thailand

In Thailand where clothing production has been an integral part of the economy for generations, production workers are finally escaping brutal sweat shop conditions and receiving fair livable wages producing high quality Fair Trade jewellery and handbags for export to countries like the United Kingdom, the United states and Canada.

Working To End Forced Child Labor On the Indian Sub-Continent

has also made extensive inroads into India where exploitation of children and impoverished people has always been an excepted way of doing business. Now Indian Jewellery makers and textile workers who produce Fair Trade Jewellery and handbags receive far pay working eight hour days, rather then the twelve hour days they used to work that often left them saddled with crippling repetitive movement disorders.

Developing Permenent Solutions with Trade Rather Than Aid

Fair Trade is working to bring positive change to third world countries by way of trade rather than aid, with a proven system that works. Remember that aid may feed the the stomach but it starves the spirit and turns proud people into beggars. When you buy Fair Trade Jewellery and handbags you not only send more of your money to third world workers and craftspeople, you also send a message to those who would exploit them that their way of doing business is coming to an end.

Jaipur Tourism: Boasting of Unparalleled Shopping Experience and Delicious Cuisines

Who doesn’t want to be pampered and to be cared for? In the day to day life, people rarely do get time to enjoy or indulge in any form of luxury. Therefore, they especially book the Jaipur packages because it’s actually synonym to luxury and a royal holiday. As soon as you enter the royal city, you will be greeted with such warmth and love that you will instantly feel at home. The beauty and colorful ambience of Jaipur will simply mesmerize you and take your heart away. The festivals and celebrations of India, especially Rajasthan is widely popular all around and world and the tourists from world over dream of acquiring the India tour packages to see the glory and charm of the widely renowned festivals of India.

Shopping Experience in Jaipur

Although Jaipur tourism is widely famous all around the world for its magnificent architecture and monuments, still the myriads of enticing shopping items and equipments are equally responsible for people from all over the world taking up Jaipur packages. You can indeed call the Jaipur city a shopper’s paradise. When you explore the markets and shopping centers of the city, you will actually come to the conclusion that the numbers of shopping items available are virtually endless. The tourists who come to visit India by booking their India tour packages always return back to their native country with their bags full of souvenirs and alluring items.

From traditional sarees, items made of metal, leather, wood, stone and marble to wide range of Jewelleries, you can find it all artistically displayed in the shopping areas of Jaipur. The pink city has since decades been considered as the best place to shop for the most elegant and sophisticated jewelleries made of precious and semi precious stones. Raja Man Singh introduced the jewellery items made of precious stones and embellished and coated with different colors which includes red, green, gold and white. Jaipur tourism is revered all over the world for its unparalleled and precious collection of diamond and emerald cutting jewellery.

Mouth Watering Cuisines

Jaipur tourism also widely promotes its unique, delicious and traditional cuisines. The food of Rajasthan is world renowned and the food lovers can never resist the varied varieties of cuisines served in Jaipur. From sweets like Ghewar and Mawa Kachouri, you also get to relish the delicious and spicy dal, batti, churma, mirchi pakore, Rajasthani sabzi and chatpati roti.

Come home to the land of glory and royalty by booking the Jaipur packages!